True Friendship

Everyday we meet and mix with many people but everybody is not our true friend. True friendship is not very common. Some special qualities are essential for developing true friendship.


The most important quality of true friendship is true and unselfish love for each other. The friend must find in themselves some qualities and personality traits for which both of them can feel attracted to each other. Secondly, the friends must be constant and loyal to each other. They should be beside each other in their well and woe. Thirdly, the friends must have confidence in each other. One must have the confidence to tell the intimate secrets to the other. Lastly but no less importantly, a friend must feel for each other. There should be mutual help and co-operation between the friends. One should also encourage and inspire the other for making a mark in life and to be a good citizen of the country.

But such friends are really rare now. Most of the friends are selfish and not loyal. We should be very careful about such friends.

Quote: “Are yaaroo… Dosti… Bari hi haseen hai…

Ye na ho to kya fir bolo ye zindegi hai… “


~ by Ayan on April 17, 2008.

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