New Video: Panic at the Disco, ‘Northern Downpour’

Las Vegas-based rock band  have released a music video for their newest song “Northern Downpour”. Directed by Behn Fannin and produced by Refused TV, the music video was filmed in Los Angeles in late September. 

They invite their fans to travel back through time with them on their ‘Northern Downpour’ music video.

Traveling back to the point of being black-and-white, the video displays the band’s members playing their song with old-schooled wardrobes. As it nears the end, people are shown mopping around the musicians shoveling the dirt on the field. 

“Northern Downpour” is Rob Mathes-produced single off the band’s second album “” Recorded at Palms Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada and at Abbey Road Studios in London, England, the effort has been dropped in the U.S. market since March 25.

Here’s the Video > 

Unlike the last two videos we saw from Panic at the Disco (which were so over the top they LITERALLY had a marching band, dancing fish, and big olde-tymey mustaches dancing through the streets), “Northern Downpour” is stripped back to the point of being black-and-white. Shunning the dizzying, Technicolor of the horn-riddled “Nine in the Afternoon,” and the psychedelic/Beatles-inspired amazingness of  “That Green Gentleman,” Panic gives their melancholy ballad (think “A Day in the Life“) the less-is-more treatment, and proves that you don’t need Sgt. Pepper — or his Lonely Hearts Club Band — to make a big splash.

~ by Ayan on October 31, 2008.

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