Taj Mahal – Symbol of Eternal Love

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Taj Mahal has done it. Or rather the people of India and Taj lovers all over the world have done it. Taj Mahal is now part of the elite list of New Seven Wonders of The World.
According to initial reports received, the Indian monument of love received one of the highest shares of votes in the poll, which was conducted through Internet, SMS and on the phone. And rightly deserved too.
About 100 million people had voted in the campaign through SMS and email. The campaign was begun in 1999 by Bernard Weber.
The official declaration ceremony began at Estadio da Luz in Lisbon minutes after midnight on Sunday. Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu is representing India and its pride Taj Mahal at the New Seven Wonders of the World event at the Benfica Stadium in Lisbon.
But I believe all this Seven Wonders of The World propaganda was nothing but a way to catch onto the emotional stribgs of people and make a lot of money. I believe Taj Mahal, is a monument of love that does not need any recognition from a foreign body, it is well above any recognition. Does your God need any recognition? Do you vote for which is the best God? Taj Mahal, similarly doesn’t need any voting to justify it’s position as the World’s Most Beautiful Marvel.
And for all those of you who beg to differ then watch A.R. Rehman’s video for the Taj Mahal, a beautiful song that captures the very essence of the Mughal marvel. What I can simply say is Wah Taj! D


~ by Ayan on October 31, 2008.

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