To Wrap or Not to Wrap ?



For those of you have sex – which I’m guessing most of you do have sex – what exactly goes through your mind before, during, and after the romp? Is your body and mind just consumed with primal desire? Or do you weigh the pros and cons before you jump right in? Are STDs and other risks on your mind while his manhood is lodged down your throat? How many times have you had unprotected sex? And does it really mean it’s that much safer to have bareback sex with someone you are in a relationship with as opposed to just some random hook-up? Are you sick and tired of being scared of catching some awful disease because the drug companies of the world are too caught up in making money instead of actually curing diseases and viruses that should be curable? Wow… sorry that kind of made it sound like I was about to introduce some new magical STD curing product. Not the case. Just speaking my mind. I’d like to go buck wild someday. It’s in my nature.
But staying HEALTHY is more in my nature so I’m always conflicted in that aspect of life. I know some of u like it by going bare. Just because it’s the hottest method. And then U HATE RUBBERS ??? Na ?? I too hate it…But they are a necessity. Why don’t you understand…how could u love him/her if u are not alive ??? Why is it so hard for us just to play it safe? Having unprotected sex with people you don’t really know is one of the dumbest things you could ever do. HIV, Herpes, and CRABS are absolutely NOT worth one hot night with a bunch of hotties. WHY CAN’T MERCK DROP THE HPV ISSUE AND CURE HIV, HERPES, GONORRHEA, SYPHILIS, and HEPATITIS so we can stop worrying about this sh*t and just let loose in the bedroom. Anybody feel me on this issue ?


~ by Ayan on November 1, 2008.

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