Freaky Friday!!!


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After all those cool public blogs… now it’s time for me to write down something about me… something which may not be as cool as all those posts… but yet let me say…

Last year was the worst year for me!!! One decision which was decided by my school had totally changed my life. I used to be an average student for always. Then last year I don’t know what happened… but my mind was totally distracted from studies…(Actually I know why… there was a girl who gave me an indication of love) And I started to get really poor marks… and I failed that year!!!
So, I’m supposed to be in 11th grade this year; but I’m in 10th. It’s very heartbreaking to me. Now when all my buddies are one year up than me…They don’t pay any kind of attention to me and treat me as a joke! EVEN THAT GIRL WHO I LOVED SOMEDAY HAS STARTED TO NEGLECT ME!!!

As I’m living my life in solitude… where’s no one to share friendship… no one to express my feelings… It’s getting very complicated for me to stay cool & alive! So, I have chosen this way… the ‘Blogging way’ to share thoughts & my views. And also I am expecting some nice friends here… So, I just wanna say…”IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO WANTS TO BE MY PAL???” bug


~ by Ayan on November 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Freaky Friday!!!”

  1. Oh… 😦
    That’s really sad…
    That girl is a bi*ch! xD
    And your buddies, are idiots!
    I’m your pal! :)))

  2. Thanks Ana. 😀

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