Are You Listening?


Today I’ve decided to share something really personal…and these things are right from my heart. I wanted to say it  before… but then I thought that wouldn’t be the right time to do so…


Anyways, this post is a tribute to my dearest ‘Dadu’… my grandpa.
I still remember the days when we used to play football together & I used to throw the ball into drain…LOL. What? I was only 4 you know…
But those days won’t come back again as he’s PARALYSIS now! And it didn’t happen yesterday! Actually he’s paralysis for the last 12 years…Can you believe?
He can’t move well, can’t say anything clearly, can’t eat much. And now he’s in a state where he can hardly remember his grandson’s (my) name…even he can’t recall his own !

Sometimes when I go to visit him, I try to ask him about himself and his surroundings…like what date it is… After staring at me for a minute he says something like this, “Dui..Dui..Dui” which means “Two..Two..Two”. I’ve no idea why he whispers that number…


Anyways, my granny & aunt are always there for him. They actually take a good care of him anyway. But after so many years now they’re totally exhausted & I think it’s absolutely natural though.
But the saddest thing is they want him to DIE!!! Yeah, they’re that much of bored!bug
I personally feel that their opinions are wrong. I mean I don’t want my Dadu to be dead! But nothing’s in my hand as he’s completely helpless & incurable… literally dead. Only a miracle can save his life.
Tell me how u Feel if u can’t say anything or move anywhere… think about it. You may never feel that pain which he has in him right now…awww

Lastly…“May you live long Dadu… my best wishes are with u. I know in your next life you’ll be the happiest man on Earth!”

P.S. – It was an old post. My Dadu is gone forever.


~ by Ayan on November 7, 2008.

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