New Video: Coldplay, ‘Lovers in Japan’


British band Coldplay have debuted a music video in support of their new track titled “Lovers in Japan”. Filmed in London, the Mat Whitecross-directed video starts off with a small vintage television turned on by frontman Chris Martin. Then he watches the TV showing him and his band playing the song.

Nearing the end, their live performance is interrupted with the downpour of paper butterflies while kaleidoscope with unusual lights is appearing on the background. In addition, the band also craft their own messages on the screen using fancy markers which can write blinking letters.
“Lovers in Japan” is a new song listed on Coldplay’s fourth studio album “Viva La Vida“. Carrying a “less straight-forward” music, the record has been available for purchase in North America on June 17 via Parlophone Records.
In related news, Coldplay have been booked to perform at Los Angeles’ NOKIA Theatre on November 23 during the star-studded ceremony of 2008 American Music Awards.

On ‘Lovers in Japan’ music video, Coldplay appear on a small old-schooled TV screen playing their new music with paper butterflies pouring down on them.

Here’s the Video >

This is actually a pretty nostalgic video from Coldplay, because in it they finally reintroduce those dirty Les Miserables rock opera outfits from the “Violet Hill” era. Just kidding! That’s the only outfit they own. Attire aside “Lovers In Japan” is one of Viva La Vida‘s finest songs. So, without wasting anymore time hit that PLAY Button Now!

~ by Ayan on November 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Video: Coldplay, ‘Lovers in Japan’”

  1. I absolutely LOVE it and cannot stop listening to it. Background Music

  2. Yeah, me too.

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