I Luv Dogs ~


Do you like pups? – I know the answer would be Yes, Yes and Yes! So do I. :D
So, you may think that I’ve got some of them in my home…
Disgracefully NO! :frown:


Why!!? Just because my mom doesn’t want any. She totally hates dogs…even kitties!
And all of that is just because of her tidiness. She’s such a neat freak! :insane:

So, if I adopt any particular animal having fur and it loses and scatters its hair around…my mom may even freak out just by seeing the whole thing.Dog

But there’s always a chance as my dad is cool and understands me more than any other person in our family. Bytheway we’re just 3 living creatures in our family (i.e. me & my mom-dad)! And I adore them both.:yes:
Anyways, sometimes I think I may not get a dog as no one would be there to take care of them. I mean I can’t do it myself…It’s kind of impossible as I’ve to think about my studies too.:whistle:

So, I think it won’t be sooner…even if I want it now. Till then it’ll be bye bye to dogs and hello hi to my studies. :cry::zip:


~ by Ayan on May 29, 2009.

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