Life ~~



:smile: Life is passing day by day a well known saying but we don’t understand what actually the true meaning of life is. What is the mystery behind it? Is life the name of passing days, doing different kinds of works, incidents, abrupt changes, hypothetical assertions, disconcert feelings, enigmatic traditions, and laughing, weeping, singing excise life so fallacious? Is life inextricable?
banana By seeing different compendiums about life of different writers we can conclude that life is unexplainable. Every writer has his own ideas about life which has a serious resemblance to the ideas of remote ancestors. Gargoyle says, "life is the baptize benediction”. if we accept that life is the name of passing days along with different sort of moments, feelings, works, physical as well as spiritual actions, bad and good deeds etc and it is the blessing of God to us, even then we don’t know that what will happen to after the end of life. To know this we make use of different assumptions, ideas and different kinds of thoughts. :o:
bug Even then when we can’t be able to understand what life is and what will happen after life. Then we will make an idea ourselves to satisfy the lust of man of knowing the truth about any enigmatic topic. That’s why I have also made myself a sketch about life. First I try to search it in science but when I unable to do so then I make use of my bartizaned holy book "QURAN MAJID". I come to know after reading this book that life is the blessing of god to us. He leaves us free in this world to enjoy life but under his restrictions. In fact life is the name of sacrificing all our desires to fulfill the instructions of God. If we do this we will be regarded with his blessings which are ineffable after life. I think this explanation is sufficient. I will explain it more later…:sherlock: bye


~ by Ayan on June 7, 2009.

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