♥Ayan is in Love♥

watson11280x1024 (Medium)

:love: Yes, I’m in love… and going crazy! If you know who the girl is… you will probably think that I have gone totally insane. Anyways, here is the short & sweet answer >>> flirt “EMMA WATSON” – Hermione Granger in Harry Potter!!! Yup, she’s the one who impressed me so much that I haven’t slept comfortably for last 2 days!

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:yikes: What did I see in her?

>>> Well she’s a talented actress and she has that ‘Cute look’ just like ‘The Girl of My Dreams’. Her attitude, kind and simple behavior and a number of things that I can’t tell you right now which I like. :D
:frown: But I know as always it’s just an infatuation of mine. We cant be together… Never! She’s a big celeb, and I’m just a normal guy. But I like her and that’s enough for me. If God is listening and feeling my heart, may be someday beyond this life we will meet.  With this hope, I will spend my whole life being her forever and for always! :o::heart:


~ by Ayan on June 15, 2009.

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