Have a nice relaxing Rainy day


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Ever been bored on a rainy day? Well why not take some of my ideas and make it a fun cozy day away from all of life’s craziness!

Here are some instruction on how you can make your rainy day – A not-so boring day!


Find a great book!
Look up the top books of the year online and pick something that sounds interesting. Run down to the library or over to a Borders or Walden Books and pick it up! Now getting a award winning book isn’t always foolproof but the chances of finding something worth reading is probably a bit better than wondering around for hours looking at covers and trying to find something great!


Have some coffee.
Go to a cool downtown coffee shop and hangout on a open mike night. Nothing can be better than hearing a great singer/songwriter while sitting in a dimly light room sipping an amazing coffee with your best friends.


Learn to knit or crochet.
Run to Walmart and grab some fun yarn and a couple needles and then come home and find a video online showing you how to make a scarf!


Play in puddles!
Put on some rubber boots, grab a friend, an umbrella and a camera! Go out and play in the rain and snap some fun pictures of each other posing in the puddles.


Sleep in!
Getting up early is extremely hard when its all dark and gloomy so why not sleep in and enjoy it!


Sit out on the porch!
If you have a covered porch this can be a nice time to watch nature and really enjoy the smell of fresh rain and relax. There isn’t anything better in my book then having a great rainy day!


~ by Ayan on August 24, 2009.

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