A New Day Has Come…



Yeah baby! At last, the much awaited time has come…the time when your going to bid bye-bye to 2009 and welcome to NEW 2010. :D

‘NEW’ will be everywhere…it’ll be in the air…in our mind. It’s the high time to rediscover ourselves in a new and practical way. Just shut your eyes for a sec & relive all the moments of happiness & sadness you experienced in the past…and open it when you’d have erased all of those totally from your mind. :happy:
This is a great way to make the next years of our life go with a bang because ‘being nice’ is a great feeling.

Anyway, don’t you have any ‘New Year’s Resolution’ ? Our New Year’s Resolution should be something like this – ‘To behave in a right way & make an impression onto others.’ So, if you have done something bad in the past, it’s time to make yourself a promise of not doing those kinds of things ever again. In that way, you’ll be the nice kid again! p:
Like I’ve already promised to throw away all the bad things from me…the things which often make me a bad guy.

It may seem hard clearing out all the naughtiness and evil from within… Because, then you won’t be ‘You’ anymore. So, keep some of those bad things with you. :wink:

Well I know your getting bored and thinking I’m crazy….But I’m not! Later in the future, when you’ll be someone good, only then you can get my words! So, think and then decide. But whatever you decide, decide fast.
And yeah, don’t lose your power. Every time think that your unique and special. And please help others! By helping others the experience you’re going to get will be something divine and you’ll have an absolutely awesome feeling.

Okay, it’s almost midnight here and I must go to bed. It’s New Year you know! :wink:
And pal, don’t forget to enjoy….this one life’s all you got. Don’t let it pass in an ordinary way. Chill every time everywhere! It’s the mantra of our youth! Bye!! Keep on :headbang: partying guys & yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :D :up:


~ by Ayan on January 1, 2010.

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