Live your life!


Enjoying the sun

It’s easy to fall into the rut of letting life happen to you.

If three options come your way, for example, a great many people will pick that option that seems to be make the most sense. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this strategy – but there is an alternative approach.


Create a fourth option. And a fifth. And hundredth. Rather than live the life that others created for you, I think it’s infinitely more fulfilling to create the life that you want for yourself instead of letting life happen to you.


Each of us can be an active participant in life and shape and influence our situation, circumstances and the world around us. When talking about this approach, Steve Jobs once said, “You realize that when you push in on one side, something pops out on the other. You can change it. You can mold it.”


As human beings, we are very powerful. And yet when we’re reminded of this power by others, we often use our power create excuses for doing nothing (i.e., “I’m not ____ enough”) rather than living to our full potential.


Everyone can make excuses to settle, but let’s try making excuses not to settle.



~ by Ayan on December 6, 2011.

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